Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver?

Yes! We're happy to get items to you or pick them up from you, as long as the address is on Bainbridge Island. Round trip fee is $65.00

Do you service products other than Stihl?

Yes! For handheld power tools, we only service Stihl products, but for mowers, generators, rototillers, etc, we service all other brands.

What is a machine inspection and how much does it cost?

A machine inspection is an examination of your gear by one of our highly qualified service guys. They'll determine what's wrong and give you an estimate of necessary repairs and cost. 30 minutes/$50.00

Do you rent trailers?

Sorry, no. We have big hearts but not a big space.

Do you rent baby items, medical supplies or household goods?

No, we don't rent these items for liability reasons. But, we recommend Tim's Home Medical Supplies in Bremerton and Rent A Center in Bremerton.


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