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Getting to the right person with the right message

Being "well connected" is one of the frequently sited advantages that traditional bankers bring to their clients, but this is more marketing than substance. Contrary to the traditional narrative, CEOs and senior executives of large companies are rarely on the leading edge of change and corporate development departments are service organizations and don't drive deals. 


​Change almost always happens because some product leader, domain expert or business line manager gets the ball rolling. Change happens because someone who lives within their area of expertise, someone who wrestles with the nitty-gritty, day-to-day details decides that a particular path is the right one and decides to speak up.


We call those people champions and they are our people. 

​Our network is comprised of thousands of these product managers, domain experts and business people who work at some of the largest and most influential companies on the planet. While their interests and motivations may differ, they are all united around the core underlying principle behind the Process, namely that deals happen not because of a phone call someone makes to a VIP or corporate development department, but from a deep understanding of the how and why things get done. 


We get you in the right door with the right person at the right time. If that's the CEO, we'll make it happen, but more often than not the final decision maker is the last person you want to meet, not the first. 

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