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Driving outsized outcomes

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We're Outcome agnostic

Whether your goal is a strategic partnership, fundraising, acquisition, or IPO, we create opportunities for your company to work with the key players in your industry that drive value.

Paul has a rare combination of strategic insight, positioning, and creating value.

Sean Behr
Founder/CEO, Stratim

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Early involvement

We prefer to get involved early to help lay the groundwork that drives strategic value using a battle-tested methodology unique in the industry.

As a founder, he made me work smarter, and we were more successful because of him.

Julie Uhrman
EVP, Lionsgate

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Unmatched skills

Combining the capabilities of a full-service M&A shop with those of an experienced entrepreneur, seasoned operating executive, and world-class business development team, we offer services light-years beyond others.

Paul’s laser focus on the end goal allowed me to keep my attention on parts of my business that really required my attention.

Mike Farley
CEO/Founder, Company


The three elements of strategic value

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#1. Positioning

Identifying and articulating the highest strategic value your company provides to another company.

“As a founder, he made me work smarter, and we were more successful because of him.”  
Julie Uhrman, EVP, Lionsgate

#2. People/Players

Finding, managing and winning over the key stakeholders (champions, blockers and decision makers) that matter.

“Paul understands how to position and articulate value to the people that matter and get things done.”  
Dan Scholnick
, General Partner, Trinity Ventures

#3. Proof

Creating and promoting compelling evidence that allows stakeholders to get behind your goals and help make big things happen.

“If you want to maximize the value of your company, call Paul.”  
Sergio Monsalve
, Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

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Sergio Monslave
Sergio Monsalve
Managing Partner,
Norwest Venture Partners

“Paul is the guy to call”

Paul’s ability to process vast amounts of information and out of a universe of possibilities, pick the few things that matter is unsurpassed. If you want to maximize your company's value, Paul’s the guy to call.

Lukas Biewald
Lukas Biewald

“A whole other level of mastery”

Working with Paul is a masterclass in making things happen. The things we were able to accomplish with his help I still find incredible. It’s like watching Magnus Carlsen play chess, just a whole other level of mastery.

Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
Canvas Ventures

“Paul has a deep understanding”

Paul has a deep understanding of the underlying psychology of big ticket deal making and he knows how to to use that knowledge to get things done. Working with him has been a great experience and he has my highest recommendation.

Alex Terry

“Uncanny ability to discern key issues”

Paul is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and intellectually nimble people I have ever met. He has an uncanny ability to discern the key issues in any situation and quickly understand the implications.

Mike Speiser
Mike Speiser
Managing Partner,
Sutter Hill Ventures

“He will leave no stone unturned”

Paul’s expertise and experience is invaluable. He will leave no stone unturned in the quest for the best possible outcome. Through the inevitable twists and turns of any transaction, Paul is the person you want on your side.

Sam Behr
Sean Behr

“Paul is uniquely talented”

Paul is uniquely talented — a rare combination of strategic insight, positioning, and creating value. Paul helped me by keeping me focused on the big goals. And when it's crunch time — Paul is a master with sound advice, putting you at ease and making things happen.