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At some point in the life of a successful venture-backed company, there will be a liquidity event. Whether your company has an IPO or is acquired, the work for us is the same. We help you build relationships with the key companies in your technology and business ecosystem. The result of working with us might include a significant strategic partnership, an investment by an industry player, or an acquisition, but the key driver in any of those is what we call “strategic value.”

To Create Outcome Options – Start Early

Over 98% of successful outcomes for venture-backed startups are acquisitions. Of the remaining 2% who exited via IPO, over 65% had strategic investors and partnerships with industry players who were key drivers in their success.

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Strategic Value Acquisitions Examples

Paul vs. Traditional Advisors

Traditional advisers think about value much the way they did 100 years ago, as a financial metric. That makes sense if you run a steel mill or a dry cleaning business but not a tech company. In contrast, we think value is the natural outcome of how well you answer this question:

What competitive advantage does my company offer other companies?

The answer is strategic value, which is why a company with five people and no revenue can sell for a billion dollars. In comparison, a company with five hundred people and $100 million in revenue sells for a fraction of that amount.

Paul V. Weinstein

Over the last 20+ years, I have worked as an executive, board member, investor and adviser to companies such as Microsoft, Check Point Software, MySQL, Google, (and many more) and have done game changing deals with just about every technology and entertainment/media player on the planet. In addition, I have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and been a key player in acquisitions with a total value in the $billions.

Combining the skills of an investment banker, management consultant, and veteran entrepreneur and executive, I am focused on helping  entrepreneurs answer the following question: "What does my company have  to offer a much larger player in my industry, and how do I use that to  maximize my success?" This value can be realized through a significant customer relationship, an essential partnership, an investment, or an acquisition. See my Harvard Business Review articles on deal making or register for my Stanford class on exit strategies.

Paul V. Weinstein

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