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A systematic way to build value

We approach things differently. Our process is a proprietary, battle-tested methodology for maximizing the value of your company. In contrast to traditional advisers focused around the logistical aspects of deal making, our approach is rooted in a nuts and bolts understanding of the "why & how" of value optimization. This methodology is comprised of three interconnected elements:

  • Positioning - identifying and articulating the competitive advantage you provide to a potential acquirer that best showcases your company.

  • People/Players - finding, managing and winning over the key stakeholders (champions, blockers and decision makers) that matter.


  • Proof - Creating and promoting compelling evidence that allows stakeholders to get behind your goals and help make big things happen.

​We are hands on. We actively get out there and gather information from our network of industry insiders, make intros to the right people and provide feedback as to what is working, what is not, and what the next steps should be. We are with you from the first strategy session through the last signature on the final docs. 

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